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ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Atta

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ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Atta is produced from the finest wheat using European technology – perfect for preparing healthy and nutritious food. During the production of ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Attaa, the wheat goes through many automatic cleaning stages that remove all impurities. ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Attaa is best for preparing Ruti, Soft Biscuits, Sliced Cake and many more delicious items. ACI Pure attaa is available in 1kg & 2kg retail pack and 37kg & 50kg bulk pack.
ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Attaa ensures wheat flour of premium quality, without the use of any artificial additives. ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Attaa is available in 1kg & 2kg retail pack and is recommended for use in cooking and baking nutritious & delicious items.

About ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Attaa:
The finest wheat flour is produced using the best automatic European technology.
Extracted from the finest and selected wheat grains from Europe, Australia & North America.
Processed through several automatic cleaning stages to get rid of any contamination present.
Known for its use as the core baking ingredients, ACI Nutrilife Oats Plus Attaa is the ultimate health choice for the making of rotis, biscuits, cakes, and so many more.
Has low gluten content which makes it eligible for consumption by everyone in a household.
Provides a healthy source of dietary iron and fiber.

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