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Ahmed Amra Pickle 300 gm

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Ahmed Amra Pickle the other day I saw a bunch of hog plums or amra in one of the weekly markets here. I immediately picked up a bunch. I have had this in ripe form when they turn yellowish green and sweet and also a little acidic. I had never pickled them before and this was going to be my first time.
This is another fruit that I associate with my childhood particularly during the winter school break. My siblings, cousins and I would be dropped at our grandparents’ place in a place called Maibang for a couple of weeks. It was heaven! We would play on the banks of the river that flowed in the backyard and  then head over to the paddy fields. In a little stream we would look for snails and shrimp, lie on bundles of hay and eat the ripest of amra and tamarind (the season of both fruits) under the bluest of skies. That was bliss.

Known as thaishudi in my mother tongue, it is known as amra in Bengali and omora in Assamese. A little help from Wiki here:
Spondias mombin or Spondias purpurea var. lutea is a tree, a species of the flowering plant Anacardiaceae. It is native to the tropical Americas including the West Indies. The tree has been naturalized in parts of Africa, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. It is rarely cultivated.
The mature fruit has a leathery skin and a thin layer of pulp. The seed has an oil content of 31.5%.

Heat a pan of water, enough to immerse the fruit.
Remove the fruit from the stalks. Wash and drain as the water boils.
Plunge into the boiling water for 4-5 minutes. The skin is tough so you don’t need to worry about the fruit being overcooked.
Remove and drain in a colander.
Spread the fruit on a bamboo mat and dry in the sun for the entire day turning them once or twice during the drying period. It’s best to do the blanching in the morning so that the fruit gets the sun for several hours.
Meanwhile, prepare the spices.
Toast the seeds separately until they start to crackle and let out their unique aroma.
I usually use ajwain, fennel and fenugreek in smaller portions as the combination of these spices is more to do with the aroma.


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