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Ahmed Mango Jam

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Ahmed Mango Jam  captures the sunny, tropical flavor of fresh mangoes for year-round use. Can up this simple mango preserve for a shelf-stable jam, or simply store it in the refrigerator for immediate use. Either way, mango jam is the perfect way to preserve mangoes. My family absolutely loves mangoes. I’m not just talking casual appreciation, I mean serious deep mango related infatuation. We love mangoes so much that we actually named our homestead “Vermont Mango Plantation,” as a simple homage to the perfect fruit.

Bright and sunny, sweet and juicily mangoes are everything I could want in a fruit. We have a lovely attached greenhouse, and we were actually growing mango trees in there for a time (until our unruly geese broke in and trashed the place, but that’s another story. Mangoes are our local currency you see. At least they did when this home currency was established. Right after we got married, my husband and I would use the “mango test” to determine if we should make a purchase.  More often than not, mangoes won and that’s one way we managed to save enough money to quit our jobs and move to our off-grid homestead. See, a love of mangoes can be life-changing…
After that, a bit of reality sets in and there’s still often 10-15 mangoes left on the counter. Their days are numbered at this point, and it’s time to get to work preserving mangoes so we don’t run out of our favorite currency. In the past, I’ve usually dehydrated mangoes, and the new Excalibur dehydrator we just got means I can put up a case at a time with 15 square feet of drying space. Dried mango is wonderful as a quick snack, and I’m actually chewing on a piece as I type  because who can write about mangoes without reaching for one? The thing is though, I wanted a mango preserve that I can use to top sticky rice or make into mango tarts. I often use fresh mango for this, but a simple mango jam would work perfectly.


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