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Baseus Zinc Magnetic Cable USB For Micro 1.5A 2m (Charging)

Our Zinc Magnetic cable allows for maximum convenience and ease when it comes to charging your device. Simply place the magnetic connector into your phone or tablet and you are now ready for instant magnetic charging whenever your battery is low. All you need to do is place the magnetic cable end onto the already installed connector for immediate charging.

The cable is made from zinc-alloy and high density braided wire ensuring that it is built to last.

Available in Black, Purple or Red for Micro, Type-C and Lightning devices. The cable is also available in 1M or 2M lengths.

Please note the charging current differences between the different lengths and connections:

Lightning / Micro 1m = 2.4A

Lightning / Micro 2m = 1.5A

Type C 1M = 3A

Type C 2M = 2A

Color (রঙ)



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