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Bashundhara Screw Macaroni is dry pasta shaped like narrow tubes. Made with durum wheat, macaroni is commonly cut in short lengths; curved macaroni may be referred to as elbow macaroni. Some home machines can make macaroni shapes, but like most pasta, macaroni is usually made commercially by large-scale extrusion. The curved shape is created by different speeds of extrusion on opposite sides of the pasta tube as it comes out of the machine. In North America, the word “macaroni” is often used synonymously with elbow-shaped macaroni, as it is the variety most often used in macaroni and cheese recipes. In the United States, federal regulations define any of 15 different shapes of dried pasta, such as spaghetti, as a “macaroni product”. In Italy and other countries, the noun maccheroni can refer to straight, tubular, square-ended pasta corta (“short-length pasta”) or to long pasta dishes, as in maccheroni alla chitarra and frittata di maccheroni, which are prepared with long pasta like spaghetti. In Italian, maccheroni refers to elongated pasta, not necessarily in tubular form.This general meaning is still retained outside Rome and in different languages which borrowed the word. In Brazilian Portuguese, Estonian, Greek, Iranian, Russian and other Slavic languages, Arabic, Turkish, and some Italian-American dialects the word was adapted and is a generic term for all varieties of pasta. Maccheroni comes from Italian maccheroni , plural form of maccherone. The many variants sometimes differ from each other because of the texture of each pasta: rigatoni and tortiglioni, for example, have ridges down their lengths, while chifferi, lumache, lumaconi, pipe, pipette, etc. refer to elbow-shaped pasta similar to macaroni in North American culture.

However, the product as well as the name derive from the ancient Greek Macaria. The academic consensus supports that the word is derived from the Greek (makaria), a kind of barley broth which was served to commemorate the dead. In turn, that comes from  (makares) meaning blessed dead, and ultimately from (makarios), collateral of μάκαρ (makar) which means blessed, happy. However, the Italian linguist G. Alessio argues that the word can have two origins. The first is the Medieval Greek (makarōneia) “dirge” stated in sec. which would mean “funeral meal” and then “food to serve” during this office (see modern Eastern Thrace’s macharōnia in the sense of “rice-based dish served at the funeral”), in which case, the term would be composed of the double root of  “blessed” and  (aiōnios), “eternally”. The second is the Greek “barley broth”, which would have added the suffix -one

Bashundhara Macaroni, one of the newly introduced product from Bashundhara Food has been getting excellent reviews from the market. Produced from highest quality wheat flour, and imported test-maker, Bashundhara Macaroni promises great taste and variety in daily food intakes.  Screw  macaroni in 200 gram & 400 gram SKU is now available at a very affordable price in nation-wide markets of the country. The package with red and golden modern design elements, revealing product view from the transparent section, really gave an elite look & feel to it. With inevitable success ahead, Bashundhara Macaroni will serve to bring taste with nutrition in lives.

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200 gm, 400 gm


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