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Gawa Ghee গাওয়া ঘি 250 gm

  • Gawa Ghee
  • গাওয়া ঘি
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Gawa Ghee গাওয়া ঘি, Ghee (Sanskrit: Ghṛta) is a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India. It is commonly used in cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, Middle Eastern cuisine, South Asian cuisine, traditional medicine, and religious rituals.
Ghee is made of butter, but modern vegetable shortening is sometimes called “vegetable ghee” and used for cooking, especially by vegans. True ghee may be called desi (home country) or asli (genuine) ghee in contrast. Ghee is typically prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cream (traditionally made by churning the top most layer of dahi which is also called Bilona method), skimming any impurities from the surface, then pouring and retaining the clear liquid fat while discarding the solid residue that has settled to the bottom. Spices can be added for flavor. The texture, color and taste of ghee depend on the quality of the butter, the milk source used in the process and the duration of time spent boiling.
The word ghee comes from Sanskrit: घृत (ghṛta-, IPA: [ɡʱr̩tɐ]) ‘clarified butter’, from ghṛ- ‘to sprinkle’.

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