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  • Model: Remax RPP-185
  • Input: 5V = 2A Max
  • Display: LED Digital Display
  • Capacity: 50000mAh
  • Output: 2.1A Output (Max)
  • Net Weight:  1060grams
  • Input: Type – C, Micro


  • 50000mAh Large Battery Capacity
  • 3 Inputs & 3 Outputs
  • 2.1A Output (Max)
  • Able to charge multiple devices at once
  • LED Digital Display
  • With lanyard for easy carrying
  • Cable not included
  • Product Weight: 1.06kg
  • 3 Months Of Warranty.


Product usage

Through the USB cable and proper connectors, you can charge various digital devices with the power bank. such as smartphones, digital cameras, MP3/MP4, and handheld.

Power supply: when the power supply of the product is insufficient, the product can be powered by a charging cable through USB ports such as a computer, AC adapter, or car charger.

Recharging instruction

Power status when it’s being charged (input)

when charging, the digital tube flashes and displays the current power status. when fully charged it displays “100” and the light remained on.

Power status when charging other devices (output)

When charging, the digital tube light remains on showing the current battery percentage. when the power is lower than 0%, the low digital tube display 0% and flashes at a speed of 1Hz to indicate a low battery. when the battery voltage is lower than 3V, the power bank is automatically off.


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